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02 September 2007 @ 07:53 pm
[ incomplete ] Battle for a Badge!  
Who: Miss Perfect Franziska von Karma and That Foolish Fool Of A Gym Leader Mr. Phoenix Wright
When: After Franziska's last journal entry and the Miles and Phoenix reunion log.
Where: Kanto → Cinnibar Island.
What: Franziska, partially annoyed by Phoenix's comments on how to raise her pokemon, and partially looking for more foolish fools to beat, goes to Cinnibar Island to beat Phoenix for his Volcano Badge.
Rating: PG-ish for foolishness, pokemon battles and violence? And Franziska not understanding the concept of FINDING KEYS TO UNLOCK DOORS.

The island was finally in sight- Fransizka sighed at her own foolish decision not to use the Surf HM on Dewgong or retain a flying pokemon and made a mental note to correct this error as soon as possible. The weather was stuffy and dry and the volcano in plain sight. The teenage trainer coiled her whip tightly in her hand, walking through the almost abandoned island with a purposeful stride.

There was no time to be delayed. Wasting time on this foolish little island was a stupid idea and Franziska was not a fool like the rest of humanity.

Her hand wrapped around the door handle, pushing with her might.


What foolish excuse of tomfoolery was this? The petite woman glared at the door and stepped back, uncoiling her whip and pulling the third pokeball from her belt.

"Lopunny, use your jump kick on this foolish door!" She snapped, voice as sharp as the crack of her whip against the pavement. The rabbit pokemon obeyed with a quick cry, denting the door and cracking the lock. Franziska didn't look pleased that it hadn't fully broken and called the pokemon back, striking the weakened door at full force with her whip.

Success (of course).

"Mr. Phoenix Wright," she called as she stepped between the broken doors, coiling her whip once again, "if you intend on being a gym leader, it is foolish to lock your doors."
Current Location: Cinnibar Island Gym
Current Mood: workingworking
Phoenix Wright: jdkfshgjfhdkgsfireyturnabout on September 2nd, 2007 07:46 pm (UTC)
Phoenix was in the middle of giving a pep talk to his Pokemon, as he usually did when a challenger was on it's way. The festivals were in the process of winding down since the summer season was approaching it's end, with most of the tourists returning home. Unfortunately, the island itself was not very hospitable beyond that, so once tourist season ended it got rather quiet.

The sound of his door being nearly kicked off its hinges caused the gym leader clad in Hawaiian garb to recoil in surprise, his Pokemon each reacting with their own little cries. Blue eyes blinked at the door, and then at the girl, and then at the door again..

"There were.. keys out there. It's a puzzle that trainers have to follow before they can come inside." Phoenix replied, a bit.. stunned. He's never had a trainer break the door down before. Usually they use their brains to figure out the patterns and find the keys. [Great, that's gonna have to be replaced entirely.]

"Alright, guys. Back into your Pokeballs." Turning back to his Pokemon, he smiled to them, recalling them all before turning to approach Franziska, keeping the smile in place and trying to not make it appear nervous as his eyes strayed to her whip.

[This is going to be fun.] "So.. are you ready to begin?"
Franziska [ VON KARMA ]: von KARMA → dance for meder_pfauhahn on September 2nd, 2007 08:24 pm (UTC)
Franziska rose a brow at the clothes he was wearing- tch, how cheap- and her hand rested on her hip as he spoke. 'What sort of foolish fool would waste their time like that?' she mused, still staring straight at Phoenix.

"It was a waste of time," she returned bluntly, gloved finger brushing over one of the pokeballs on the belt around her skirt. Her eyes never left this so-called gym leader as he called his pokemon back, apart from to lazily flicker over each of them.

She'd already set the terms of this battle before she even got here. (No-one disagreed with a Von Karma).

"Mr. Phoenix Wright," she began, stressing the syllables of his name in an almost exaggerated way, exasperated by his question. "Would I honestly be here if I weren't completely prepared?" Fool. What a stupid question.
Phoenix Wright: jdkfshgjfhdkgsfireyturnabout on September 2nd, 2007 08:41 pm (UTC)
Phoenix swore he felt his eye twitch. [This is going to be the longest battle ever.] "Eh heh. I suppose not." There was an unexplanable aura that emitted from this one, one he could even tell over the network. She was cocky, but in.. an oddly familiar way.

Dismissing those thoughts, he stepped forward. "The terms were agreed upon already. Three versus three. This battle is sanctioned by the Pokemon League, and I as a representative of the league accept your challenge. If you can beat me, the Volcano Badge is yours." And he flashed it briefly, otherwise not moving it from where it remained pinned to the collar of his dark blue hawaiian style shirt.

Phoenix trusted his Pokemon. He knew they'd give it their all, just as he would not lead them wrong. Choosing the first Pokemon was easy: not his strongest, but strong enough to test the waters of this 'challenger'.

"Go, Regina!" The selected ball is thrown, and in a flash of light a Charmeleon was revealed with a slight growl, large eyes focused intently on Franziska.
Franziska [ VON KARMA ]: von KARMA → that's how it's doneder_pfauhahn on September 2nd, 2007 09:16 pm (UTC)
Dun dun dunnn- and so it begins! (I foresee that icon being constantly used y/y?)
Her head held high, Franziska gave the shiny badge a contemptuous glance- one of those looks that spoke of 'whoever designed that was high'- and took her place at the opposing end of the stadium, fingers loosening their grip on the coil of her whip as she pulled a pokeball from her belt, looking at the Charmeleon as intently as it stared at her.

"Seviper, go!" The shiny snake pokemon was released from its pokeball, fangs bared and hissing in a threatening way. She already had a silent strategy of battle in her head based on the abilities of her pokemon- Seviper's Shed Skin could heal itself from any (likely) burns that came from fire pokemon. She flicked her gaze from the pokemon to its trainer.

"Start with a Screech attack, now!" Her voice and whip cracked at the same time, leather uncoiled and trailing on the floor at her side.
Phoenix Wright: I object to your face!fireyturnabout on September 2nd, 2007 09:47 pm (UTC)
*cue EPIC BATTLE MUSIC* Oh definately.
Phoenix winced a bit at the loud screech, rather empathetically with Regina, who recoiled back and cringed at the loud noise. The gym leader did his best to mask his surprise at Franziska's first choice of a Poison type, but this was no time to give advice.

This was a serious battle, and from what he's seen of Franziska she had to be planning something, especially if winning was all that mattered to her.

Seeing as Regina did not have any status changing abilities, Phoenix worked out a strategy around that. "Regina! Dragon Rage!" The Charmeleon shook her head to clear the ringing in her 'ears' before stepping forward and, after charging up with inner rage, roared at the Seviper, attacking with anger-induced shockwaves.
Franziska [ VON KARMA ]: von KARMA → well that's just DANDYder_pfauhahn on September 2nd, 2007 10:08 pm (UTC)
Cornered FGJ? (God I had to *issobad*)
The damage was predictable and Seviper winced as the dragon rage hit, sending him backwards slightly. She gritted her teeth- did she take the chance of inducing paralysis or...

"Seviper, shake that off and hit it with a poison tail attack!" Her arm thrust forward dramatically as she commanded it. Seviper's speed was considerable after levels and levels of learning how to dodge that damned whip in her hand and it thrust forward, cutting with the venom soaked tail and bared fangs. If it wasn't poisoned, she could always take the risk of Glare to slow the thing down.

Her mind ran through her other pokemon, debating which pokemon he would send out next, once this one had been taken care of. Could Seviper handle them all? She didn't doubt it.
Phoenix Wright: this is my 'determination' facefireyturnabout on September 2nd, 2007 10:19 pm (UTC)
The Seviper's speed was amazing, and Regina got struck with the tail before she could even react to the command. The poison tail swung fast and hard, leaving the Charmeleon to momentarily struggle with the lingering effects of it.

Phoenix chewed on the inside of his lower lip, not liking the fact that Regina was poisoned already, and him with no antidotes.

Time to kick it up a notch.

"Hang in there, Regina! Use Sunny Day!" The Charmeleon straightened up, still a bit sickly from the poison that clung to her skin, but still managed to focus: her tail glowed brighter, and soon the surrounding area appeared to glow as well, brightened by sun light shining down from the volcano's opening.
Franziska [ VON KARMA ]: von KARMA → tchhahder_pfauhahn on September 2nd, 2007 10:43 pm (UTC)
*would offer antidotes but is, you know, playing a bitch*
The Sunny Day would power up fire moves with ease- or he was planning something else (a quick charge solarbeam?) and Franziska's eyes narrowed. Either way it was best to call a halt to this first pokemon as quickly as possible, and now with the poison tail's addition there couldn't be a better time to try and hit it again.

"Seviper, use your Crunch attack to destroy that foolish fool!" She looked so very confident as her Seviper dived forward again, fangs bared for a purpose. Like any Seviper, its fangs were sharp and made to battle and slice things clean in two. Her hand flicked upwards in an annoyer move of confidence as the attack was carried out, as the Seviper dived at its prey.
Phoenix Wright: I object to your face!fireyturnabout on September 2nd, 2007 10:53 pm (UTC)
A bitch that would make Phoenix her bitch, fer sure.
The speed of the snake was no match for the Charmeleon, and Regina cried out as the fangs dug in deep, doing more damage with aide of the Screech's lingering effects. No further stats were lowered, but the poison took effect once more, leaving the Charmeleon worse for wear.

Phoenix kept his determination up. He couldn't keep Regina going like this for much longer. The Sunny Day remained overhead, and Phoenix gritted his teeth, choosing Regina's next move on the hope of either a burn or a flinch.

"Don't let it move away! Use Fire Fang!" The Charmeleon lunged forward, aiming to chomp down with flames and teeth on the Seviper's underside.
Franziska [ VON KARMA ]: von KARMA → violatedder_pfauhahn on September 2nd, 2007 10:59 pm (UTC)
Oh yes. *_* (God I'm not even fond of the pairing but *_*)
Franziska had been so confident that Seviper would finish off the Charmeleon, and if not dodge the attack, but the fire-powered bite struck it with the added boost of Sunny Day, causing more damage than it should have and she winced ever so slightly at it. With the previous damage from Dragon Rage it was becoming more dangerous, and the two were more evenly matched.

"Seviper, go for another Screech attack!" The next attack could finish this part of the match, if she was (lucky) skilled. And she was (skilled).

"Not bad, Mr. Phoenix Wright." (But I'm better.)
Phoenix Wright: this is my 'determination' facefireyturnabout on September 2nd, 2007 11:10 pm (UTC)
Neither am I, but Franziska is adorable for someone who can beat you unconscious. <3
Another high pitched screech caused Regina to recoil back, clawed hands moving to cover her ears with no avail: the 'damage' already done. Even Phoenix's ears were ringing by this point, although he ignored it to give full attention to the battle.

The next one might do Regina in, but Phoenix wouldn't back down.

"This isn't over yet, Ms. von Karma. Regina, Flamethrower!" After another wince from the poison drained the Charmeleon of more health, Regina took a deep breath and exhaled a stream of flames for the Seviper, coupling the attack boost from the Sunny Day combined with the additional attack power from her low HP.
Franziska [ VON KARMA ]: von KARMA → tsktsktskder_pfauhahn on September 3rd, 2007 07:41 pm (UTC)
Just be sure never to beat-- oh wait.
The crack of the whip sliced through the air and across the ground as the flames roared. Seviper tried to move out of the way but the flaming attack still managed to hit with considerable damage and a burn. Franziska wasn't worried about that burn as Seviper's skin loosened from its body, the Shed Skin ability ridding the snake of its ailment. But the damage was still considerable. The blue-haired young woman knew that she'd have to change pokemon soon.

"Seviper, Crunch attack!" The skin left on the floor, Seviper charged at the pokemon again, the battle close quarters and equal point for point it seemed.
Phoenix Wright: I object to your face!fireyturnabout on September 3rd, 2007 08:17 pm (UTC)
The Charmeleon cried out again once the powerful fang attack bit into her and she teetered back, trying to put some distance between them, which resulted in Regina collapsing forward once the poison sucked away at her energy.

Phoenix held out a Pokeball. He could win if he forced Regina to go another turn, but there was no way he could push his Pokemon that much. Better to take the loss with this one and give Regina a break. "Good job, Regina. Return!" He paused a moment, considering his next move. Who could he send out next?

After returning Regina's Pokeball to his side, he grabbed another Pokeball and threw it into the arena. "Go, Mimi!" The ball split and revealed a Vulpix, hunched and ready for battle.

Switching Pokemon ended his turn, but Sunny Day was still in effect for a few more turns, so Phoenix intended on ocntinuing to use it while it lasted.
Franziska [ VON KARMA ]: von KARMA → that's how it's doneder_pfauhahn on September 5th, 2007 09:20 am (UTC)
Sorry Feenie~ D:
Franziska was stubborn, that was certainly a trait she had and didn't understand how to curb. She knew, rationally, that Seviper couldn't last too much longer in his current condition, but she did trust the pokemon to do his job and well.

"Seviper, your poison tail attack- go!" Another attack emphasised by more dramatic pointing; she aimed to poison another one of his pokemon before Seviper was done for. Her mind had settled on Quilava, her very first pokemon to be released next, counting on its fire type to give her an advantage, as well as the unavoidable Swift attack.
Phoenix Wright: I object to your face!fireyturnabout on September 9th, 2007 02:33 pm (UTC)
Mimi was struck by the poison tail, and despite the critical hit and extra damage, the Vulpix wasn't poisoned.

Thankfully. It was obvious that the fox took a moment to recover due to the surprise damage, but she was soon up and ready for more.

Phoenix shook his head, stressing his words with an overexaggerated point of his finger. "Finish it, Mimi! Flamethrower!"

It was an attack he didn't wish to use, but he wanted to take advantage of the Sunny Day while it lingered overhead.
Franziska [ VON KARMA ]: von KARMA → UNACCEPTABLEder_pfauhahn on September 10th, 2007 11:00 am (UTC)
The flamethrower hit its target before Franziska could even do anything and the Seviper collapsed, leaving her more than a little annoyed as she called the snake back into its pokeball, vowing to train the thing harder once she'd finished this battle.

"Pathetic fool, take this! Let's go, Quilava!" Her composure regained... well, apart from that set jawline that twisted tensly as the fire pokemon was released from its pokeball.

A boost from Sunny Day along with the fire-type's advantage against itself gave her only one option, and it was a fantastic one, really.

"Quilava, swift attack!" The attack that never missed- just like a crack of her whip against a foolish fool.
Phoenix Wright: I object to your face!fireyturnabout on September 14th, 2007 01:07 pm (UTC)
The stars struck true to their word, and Mimi yelped as she took the unavoidable attack. Phoenix winced sympathetically, but otherwise said nothing.

This battle was insanely cut throat. More than he would have liked.

Not really liking the idea of wasting the last turn of Sunny Day to go to waste, Phoenix called out once Mimi regained her balance.

"Mimi! Confuse Ray!" Time for strategy. Or something close.
Franziska [ VON KARMA ]: von KARMA → violatedder_pfauhahn on September 18th, 2007 10:52 pm (UTC)
WHEE I LIVE. I'm not sure about Fran-muse though... *pokes her*
The confuse ray hit it's target and Franziska growled lowly as the Quilava staggered around. Her whip cracked against the floor, trying to alaert the pokemon to semi-capable, posture stiffening as her hands curled into tight fists. This man should be on his knees, defeated by now! That was the Von Karma Way! Perfect battles, perfect victories. Not. Something. This. Hard.

"Quilava, try smokescreen!" She hated the way her voice cracked for a moment in frustration and the 'try' that slipped out of her mouth before she even had a chance to seem more commanding. The fire pokemon blew the smoke out of its mouth...

in the wrong direction, aiming right at its trainer and covering her half of the battle ground. Franziska coughed as the smoke surrounded her eyes, making them water, and trying to wave the billowing clouds away.

This could not be happening. She was a Von Karma, this wasn't supposed to be happening.