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06 October 2007 @ 03:50 pm
[in progress]  
Who: Anyone, really.
When: Late Afternoon
Where: Kanto > Cinnibar Island > Pokemon Center
What: After a mishap involving Chichou and Azumarill in a large pool of water, Ema finds herself rushing back to the local pokemon center.
Shouldn't get over PG.

The automated doors to the Cinnabar Island pokemon center opened with a slight woosh, and in rushed in a familiar professor, carrying what appeared to be a limp cerulean blue lump. Nearly tripping over the doormat and skidding to a stop at the counter, she gasped out between pants to the pink haired nurse, "My chinchou...." She huffed, "did a light--" huff huff "-ning bolt while they--" she seemed to calm down a little, catching her breathe to finish the sentence, "were in the pool, so azumarril got a really bad shock and passed out." She set the mentioned pokemon on the counter gently, and Nurse Joy took it without another word.

Sure, this was the third trip to the center in the past two weeks. 

...She has the tendency to overreact.

That's not her fault, is it?

Now that she was taken care of, she went to sit on the bench by the wall. 

Now, she would wait.
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