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26 September 2007 @ 11:07 pm
Who: Anyone is allowed to attend!
When: Late afternoon/Early evening, once most of the earthquake stuff has been resolved. (They waited intentionally because of the crisis. Yes, not because I was unable to post. >>)
Where: Kanto → Cinnibar Island.
What: Phoenix's birthday is being celebrated, as he's the Gym Leader of Cinnabar. The island is decked out, there is food and dancing and people selling souvenirs and dressed up as fire Pokemon. Insanity insues.
Rating: Shouldn't get higher than PG.

Phoenix wasn't sure he'd ever get used to all the attention. It was suffocating, being treated so highly when Phoenix did not view himself as any different than those who were parading around.

The sun had set, and the vacation island sprung to life. There were bands, taiko drums, food, costumes, and dancing.

It was like the entire island went insane around him.

He nervously tugged on one of his yukata sleeves. Someone thought it cute to set him up with a flame pattered ceremonial outfit. It felt weird, and he already was missing his normal clothes. Not that he wasn't appreciative. This was.. so unlike him.

Booths were set up among the island, selling food of various types. Desserts, food, ramen.. Everything.
miss_esper on October 4th, 2007 04:23 am (UTC)
Terra hadn't been to Cinnabar Island before; the locale was certainly different, and somewhere along the lines she'd lost sight of her tiny companion. Figuring that Peppitta could certainly fend for herself (the crowds, though excited, were hardly intimidating), Terra decided to enjoy the evening for herself. Such a sumptuous occasion just for a gym leader's birthday; she kind of thought it was silly, because, after all, a gym leader was still a person, minus the badges and accomplishments. And from what she'd heard, this Phoenix guy was a real bumbling softie. She'd judge for herself if she ever met him.

Her own yukata was tied around her own frame; Terra was thin, built like a little girl, and tall. Her own real distinguishing characteristic was the seafoam green of her hair, but it wasn't so strange amongst the other people she'd met: silver hair was even common. At her side trotted the ever-present Absol, head turned this way and that as its attention caught, the scyth-like part of its head (it was like a horn, Terra figured; she tried not to dwell on things like this) made sure to carefully avoid wandering people.

"So, Absol," the young woman said to her companion, "What do you want to eat first? I brought enough money for dinner tonight, and maybe a few souveniers... Maybe we can try catching a magikarp at a booth." She looked at the festival booths with a pondering expression. "What do you think?"

Absol looked up at Terra, as if to say, Well, I can't speak English, can I?